Your business deserves more clarity than a 30 minute call could ever provide.

We are firm in our belief that no two Shopify implentations are EVER the same. Every busines has their own challenges, tech stack, content needs and more.

Our Roadmap sessions intend to give you a transparent look into any investment you make with us, in time or money, so you know what you're signing up for.

Want to outcourse specific aspects? Or just want a peek into our recommendations and then do this project in-house? Totally cool, the roadmap will give you the big picture aspects and the more nitty-gritty details to take our plan and run with it.

Of course, working with us will always the faster and more high quality option.

What we will accomplish:

  • 2 hours with your team
  • Content needs
  • Design complexity
  • App stack and costing
  • Detailed Build timeline
  • Strategic launch plan
  • Funnel map for 2 offers


→ You may have many complex integrations with multiple apps, workflows, and automations across your store experience and downstream fulfillment logistics

→ You are not quite sure what apps, themes, or tech you need and what it will cost to make Shopify a good fit for you

→ You have a lot of balls being juggled and want everything to line up seamlessly to reduce stress and burnout

→ You may have a "higher risk project" or brand with high visibility or venture capital investment and product launch success on the line

→ You need a clear picture of how much work this will be for your team and what is in fact realistic

→ You are unsure of how this all works and want a crystal clear action plan before signing ANYTHING

Brand Roadmap

Consider this Roadmap a deposit into any project with us when the total project is valued at over $4,000 USD (so a Spruce Up would be $3,500 after a Roadmap).

Regular price
Sale price
Regular price
Some agencies like to hook-line-and-sinker their new clients after a single phone call. Queue the chaos and destructi...

Some agencies like to hook-line-and-sinker their new clients after a single phone call. Queue the chaos and destruction they can do to your brand without understanding the ins and outs of your business. We like to do things a bit different.

After our free clarity introduction call, we can decide if a brand Roadmap is a good next step. When your roadmap is complete you will come away with a 3-month look into the future on what it looks like for us to:

  1. Replatform or redesign on Shopify
  2. Create an email and SMS automation funnel strategy
  3. Understand your asset needs
  4. Understand your time investment into a project
  5. See the costing and a personalized proposal

What's Next?


Pick Your Roadmap Time

Pick from the available time slots to confirm your spot.


Pay Deposit & We're off!

Your deposit to secure your spot is the first instalment. Once that's taken care of, your project is officially booked! Happy dance! Our team will follow up with your official timeline, and on-boarding prior to kickoff.