GETTING READY TO FEED A HUNGRY AUDIENCE, The Happy Wolf team needed a site launched on an ASAP timeline to secure retail partnerships.


A trailblazing brand set on captivating the hearts of health-conscious moms across the US. With a discerning audience of educated women aged 28-45, the challenge was clear: Design a web space that's not just modern and playful but also radiates the trust and sophistication of a top-tier brand.

With aspirations of big retail partnerships on the horizon and a budget-conscious approach for the present, they sought a web presence that would set the stage for future growth. The challenge was to strike a balance - delivering a premium, trustworthy brand experience without breaking the bank. Our Website Accelerator service was a perfect match to marry custom design with a quick turnaround time to go live.


  • Photography Art Direction
  • Shopify Accelerator
  • Pre-Order System Integration
  • International Commerce
  • Copywriting
  • Consulting
  • Custom eCommerce Development
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What We Did

We weaved a compelling narrative, highlighting product features and benefits that resonate with modern moms.

Merging modern design elements with playful vibes, we crafted a digital experience that's both chic and child-friendly.

From showcasing genuine customer testimonials to integrating key product information, every element was designed to build trust and authenticity.

While the spotlight was on a launch-ready website, we ensured the design was e-commerce ready, setting the stage for future expansions.

Optimized for a pre-launch brand

A website that's not just visually stunning but also conversion-optimized. A space where modern design meets playful elements, creating a brand experience that's both delightful and trustworthy. And the cherry on top? Happy Wolf is ready to take pre-orders before their product even hit the road for fulfillment.

Website Design

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