LAUNCHING A NEW PRODUCT IN Q4 admist black friday, Arrae needed a strong education campaign turning their flagship formula into a drinkable wellness hero.


When we helped Arrae launch Bloat Latte in 2022 before the holidays, our #1 creative brief to the Arrae team was: this product NEEDS video and clear lifestyle images.⁠⁠

Otherwise, a delicious, full of health benefits product could fall flat and look like muddy water... ⁠⁠

Consumable supplements have a huge need for consumer education, but you need to strike the balance from information overload and stuffy clinical content into something more digestible (pun intended).⁠⁠

We helped Arrae with photography art direction, coupled with killer campaign graphics and a site refresh to launch their flagship product in an innovative new format, just in time for BFCM.


  • Campaign & eCommerce Design
  • Product Launch
  • Packaging
  • Shopify Development
  • Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Digital Identity Design
  • Ongoing services
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Art Direction

For product education, Arq wanted to showcase the texture and color qualities as accuraltely as possible. Use of props like gold jewlerry and coffee table books with help create a cohesive look with our other products. We asked our photo team to make it look appealing, mouthwatering, cozy, and appropriate for fall/winter. Having models hands in the shots helped to ground some photos and create scale. Our approach was to evoke a sense of movement (stirring, pouring, dripping) to bring this product to life on screen.

Shopify Web Design

On the product detail page, we strategically designed bite sized educational and how-to-use content that removed bloat (pun intended) and was mobile friendly. Stitched a GIF from video stills instead of heavy-to-digest video, and custom icons to explain the product benefits in a story-inspired manner.⁠⁠ Plus art direction of photography and videography to teach the product in use. ⁠⁠

The product detail page of the bloat latte product

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