THE DELIBERATELY MINIMAL DIAPER BAG had a site that was too minimal and needed a bigger impact on the bottom line without weighing down operations.


Kibou came to us with a giant list of problems with their old site: managing inventory of their colors was (on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 million in pain and suffering), and their average order value was low for a mid-tier price point product.. Stephanie and Nell wanted a partner to help them sell out on their bundled products, drive repeat purchasers, and help them expand into new market with pet and toddler accessories. Oh, and REALLY highlight their creative new brand photography and alllll the GIFs.

We worked on an accelerated timeline to bring to life Kibou’s newly improved - and easier to navigate - brand site that brings bundles and gifting to the forefront. Kibou now tells the story of helping moms and dads live an intentionally minimalistic life to be present with their little ones without being weighed down.


  • Web Design
  • Story Brand Strategy
  • Shopify Development
  • App Integrations
  • Catalogue Architecture
  • SEO Optimization
  • ReBuy Implementation Wishlist
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The Results


Total Sales up 183%

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17% conversion rate increase

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21% more add to carts

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184% more sales from Online Store

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What We Did

21% increase in customers reaching checkout in Q1 2022

57% increase in product views

37% increase in customer lifetime value in 3 months.

798% increase in review submissions on the site

101% increase in Total sales in Q1 2022

98% increase in Online Store Revenue in Q1 2022

Project Results

By integrating intelligent inventory connection apps to keep bundles in sync, the founders spent less time managing inventory problems and more time on their marketing, launching gifting initiatives and brand partnerships. Last, by integrating with Okendo, we were able to help Kibou save $250 quarterly and integrate with their Klaviyo automation to incentive reviews, which has resulted in more first-time visitors converting in their first session, lowering their customer acquisition costs.

Plus, by separating colours into their own Shopify products we were able to free up the team to create more specific colour details images, as well as relevant cross-sales in downstream systems.

Website Design

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