AGING AND UNACCESSIBLE Kabrita's site was reaching end of life before we stepped in to give their Shopify Plus a serious performance and conversion facelift.


Moms who need alternative formulas for their infants don't precisely make great long-time customers because their babies age out so quickly.  Kabrita came to us with a few core issues: (1) Highlight unique content on the PDP to help moms understand formulation and benefits at a glance (2) Make the catalogue more discoverable and grow for their new toddler formula line and (3) increase the overall theme performance - their page load was a staggering 22s on a high-speed line (4) Make some serious design improvements to the mobile experience for their growing on-the-go traffic sources.


  • Web Design
  • Speed Optimization
  • Custom Shopify Development
  • App Integration
  • Catalogue Architecture
  • SEO Optimization
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Total Orders up 64%

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Online Store increase of 38% in sales

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Direct traffic up 55%

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67% increase to conversion

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What We Did

Helped customers get to checkout in a single click ensuring Shop Pay was accessible through the mini cart experience.

Enabled better customer data t be compiled by merging products into a single SKU format and allows customers to pick sizes from the PDP.

Reduced bounce rates on the home page by improving site speed utilizing WEBP image formats and preloading code techniques.

Increased conversion rate by 67% helping Kabrita to make back their investment just days after launch.

Project Results

Kabrita's Shopify Store's conversion rate increased 67% in the first quarter of 2022, increasing their online sales by 38%, without more ads or marketing spend. Because more moms could find the sizes, and see how much value they saved with bulk pricing, and new toddler formulas, returning customers increased 57% in the first quarter of business in 2022.

Website Design

Throughout the summer we worked with Kabrita to consolidate their catalogue from a multi-sku setup to a streamlined inventory management system, while ALSO making their collection grids show every SKU to make each size discoverable. We opened up the navigation to highlight the product offering more concisely and visually with mega menus. And we optimized, redesigned, and made over 26 pages of content fully AA ADA compliant.

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