Pick Your Style

1. The Product/Service Spruce

Building a new landing page and theme campaign turnover for a specific product launch or event/promo period (such as black Friday) on both your storefront and social templates to match.

2. The Theme Style Spruce

Refresh an existing shopify store but they needs a let s say a woman s touch to make them sparkle and make it looks on brand. Custom CSS styling compatible with future theme updates.

3. The App Spruce

Create connection, provide decision support, and capture new prospective customers into your mid-funnel marketing. Create a long form sales page designed to captivate, educate, and convert.

Honing the essentials is the core of this project

  1. 2 day dedicated designer and developer to your business
  2. Meticulously planned 2-day schedule aligned to YOUR unique business priorities
  3. On-brand style application
  4. Practical backend setup for optimal store management
  5. Support for your DIY aspects to save money without tearing your hear out

Plus: We’ll integrate present reusable components to plug and play across pages, offering you the ability to confidently modify and build new templates with ease from our work.


→ You want to make the move to Shopify, but need a blend of done-for-you and do-it-yourself tactics to keep it on budget

→ You have an existing design to work from, but need people who know the platform at an expert level to do it on an ASAP timeline

→ Your app integrations are minimal, or fairly simple and straightforward

→ You are ok with doing some aspects of your website yourself to become autonomous in your day-to-day with some general guidance

→ Your brand is doing less than $30k/mo online so you can't invest 5-figures into a long project right now

→ You are in a pivoting season right now and need some foundations to start as your systems will likely evolve within the next year

→ You are comfy with template-based design for a limited revision process to go to market quickly with your products

→ The brand who was just refreshed its positioning, offering, and/or packaging

→ You just need a simple theme setup that's on-brand without creating an expensive to upkeep website - you’re creating an online low-lift asset.

Shopify Spruce Up

Regular price
Sale price
Regular price
Save $600 per day
2 payments of $2,000
You need someone who has a design eye and expert skill to move the needle for you as QUICKLY as possible with a Shopi...

You need someone who has a design eye and expert skill to move the needle for you as QUICKLY as possible with a Shopify experience that communicates the what, why, and when. You don't need a website revamp, but some key priorities you would love to cross off your to-do list.


  1. A top-of-the-line theme with features you NEED to scale
  2. Your brand applied beyond what you can DIY to look professional
  3. Graphic touches to make it an engaging story and experience
  4. Special UX touches that don’t come out of the box
  5. The most streamlined setup of your backend possible
  6. Support to make sure your transition is tech-pain-free

Scope of Work

Strategy & Onboarding

  • 1 hour Consultation Workshop for priorities and scoping your needs vs nice-to-haves
  • Priorities gathering
  • DIY Copywriting Workbook
  • Content Collection
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Getting Comfy in Shopify Guide
  • Instructions on how to set up your catalogue

Design & Development

  • Hour-by-hour agenda of your intensive days and our execution goals and feedback needs
  • 2 days dedicated Sr. Graphic Designer
  • 2 days dedicated Sr. Shopify Ddeveloper
  • Custom coding to your Shopify theme
  • Custom design for marketing assets and theme design


  • Launch assistance
  • 30-minute live training
  • Recorded personalized training videos on demand
  • 2 hours After Care

Not Included

  • Professional Copywriting
  • Consulting with third-party service providers
  • Additional app integrations
  • Full catalogue SKU deployment
  • Full dedicated project manager
  • Cost of your Shopify template
  • Font licensing for desktop and web custom fonts
  • Copywriting messaging - our brand ecom guidebook can assist with this
  • Multiple revisions on pages or mockups
  • Full website mockups
  • App development



For web design: To start the web designs, we’ll need high-resolution professional brand or product photography selected to begin. We can, if you choose, provide copywriting services for all of our website clients. Here's some truth for you: professional brand and product photography is an absolute game-changer for your brand and website.

It's not just a trend, it's become the industry standard. Your audience can instantly sense when you've skimped on your visuals, so if you're ready to take your brand to the next level, investing in top-notch photography is a no-brainer. Ask us how we can help you with your brand photography in preparation for your website.


Shopify templates also come in varying degrees of flexibility, speed, well-engineered sections, and documentation for upkeep.

I only use templates I would recommend, trust and have used in the past. If you wanted to just use a template you still won’t be much closer to that design, aesthetic and usable quality you’re after.

All templates need some level of customization to achieve what you want without extra apps slowing you down. Semi-custom helps bridge the gap between faster and cheaper but still on-brand and beautiful, where with custom we are achieving speed, functionality, and bleeding-edge performance goals that templates tend to box us out of.


Our Spruce Up Shopify websites do not allow for fully custom functionality - like a "whatever you want" - we mostly have to work with what comes in the box, with a few exceptions. During the theme selection process, we will walk you through the capabilities and limitations of each Shopify theme. Additional features and functionality can always be requested but will require a re-scope of the project and its pricing.


Project communication will be completed via ClickUp to provide regular updates on the progress of the project. Outside of the meetings in-scope (i.e. discovery call, design review), an ad-hoc touch base to reconnect with our team will be determined upon request.

For these intensive projects, we need a 1 to 2-business day feedback and approval. If that won't work for you we may suggest a different package.

Formal written sign-off of the final designs will be required prior to proceeding with the development stage. Delays or withholding of approval will result in delays in your project and we may need to rebook to our next available slot (4-6+ weeks delay).


We need 2-business day turnaround on feedback and requirement asks from us, via email, our project management system or our instant message system.


We have a few intake forms for each of our services that we will need filled out prior to service.You will also need to provide us with product knowledge, brand assets, photography and more so we can action your creative.

A full list of your materials we need will be outlined in your project Scope of Work after signing.


Anything we build for you has a 15 to 30-day post launch guarantee on, if it breaks we will fix it! However, there are 2 caveats. Shopify being a SaaS provider is constantly iterating and improving their software for merchants on an ongoing basis. Any updates to the Shopify template language, API and more are not covered if changes were not documented or released at kickoff. Third party app integrations can’t be guaranteed as we have no control over their code base. Understand that Shopify does software version changes over time, so changes to the software requirements is not covered.


We work in strict revision cycles which you will see as we move through your project in our per-delivery presentation of how many rounds of revisions are left in the process plus a very guided and direct way to understand the goals of feedback in each phase. We use the one concept method approach which rarely has significant revisions based on our in-depth strategy and alignment before design. We believe your design is tailored to your goals, and we design for the “wow” factor. Our one-concept method funnels us into the strongest design based on our developed style, your needs, and a professionally informed opinion.

What's Next?


Review the service contract

Next you will review our service contract to be signed electronically. It's in jargon free language, designed to protect you as well. This clearly explains our policies, boundaries, communication, timelines and payment.


Pay Deposit & We're off!

Your deposit to secure your spot is the first instalment. Once that's taken care of, your project is officially booked! Happy dance! Our team will follow up with your official timeline, and on-boarding prior to kickoff.