The Power of Email Automations in Klaviyo: Unlock the Benefits for Your DTC Brand

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The Power of Email Automations in Klaviyo: Unlock the Benefits for Your DTC Brand

Klaviyo email automations are an effective tool for engaging customers and building leads. Automation features take the hassle out of creating campaigns and ensure that your messages reach the right people at the right time, allowing you to maximize ROI from email marketing efforts and grow profits for your business.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to build your own direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, then you know how important it is to find strategic ways to automate specific tasks. In today’s world of digital transformation and untapped potential, a powerful platform like Klaviyo has quickly become the go-to tool for autonomous automation that can save time and effort while unlocking better results from everyday operations.

 Using Klaviyo email automations for your Shopify store can be one of the most powerful channels for engaging customers, driving leads, and increasing profits for your business. Klaviyo automations take the hassle out of creating campaigns and ensure that your messages reach the right people at the right time. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly set up automated emails to keep customers updated on new products or services and reward loyal shoppers with discounts or incentives. You can also use Klaviyo to segment audiences based on customer behavior to make sure you’re sending relevant content that resonates with each individual customer. By leveraging the power of automation, you can make sure that customers are getting personalized shopping experiences - boosting loyalty and driving sales!

From crafting personalized customer experiences to driving operational efficiency with analytics insights, so many benefits come along with leveraging this uniquely specific platform — and in this blog post, we’re breaking down just why it pays off big time!

1. Get acquainted and Nurture leads with Welcome Emails

Nurture welcome series emails from Klaviyo are incredibly beneficial for new brands on Shopify. These automated emails can be used to establish relationships with customers by delivering valuable content tailored specifically to them, build your audience on all your platforms, as well as educate your customer on your differentiation points. This helps increase loyalty and trust between the brand and the customer, while also deepening engagement. Additionally, nurture welcome series emails drive conversions by prompting customers to take action through discount codes or special offers helping your cold customers get over sticker shock for a first purchase - helping with your Cost per acquisition cost for cold traffic ads. By utilizing Klaviyo’s signup forms with targeted questions, new brands on Shopify can ensure that each customer is getting content that is geared towards their unique interests, age, or even location, ultimately leading to more personalized content, increased engagement and higher conversions with contents tailored specifically to them. We recommend sending at least 4-5 emails over the period of a week to keep your brand top of mind for new email subscribers, and move them into targeted segments based on click and browsing behavior.

 email automation example from the brand supplement world

Supplement world worked with Arq to created hyper targeted welcome emails for beginner, intermediate and advanced workout and supplement customers. We created unqiue flows based on their interest when getting started with post workout protein, or enhancing performance with recovery by discovering new products based on their journey.

2. Recover Lost Revenue with Abandoned Cart Automations

One of the most powerful tools for Shopify brand owners uses automated emails to remind customers of products they are considering purchasing and provide incentives to return and complete the purchase.  Online shoppers often abandon their carts on Shopify for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, customers may become distracted or may want to shop around to compare prices. Additionally, customers may feel unsure due to lack of product information, unexpected fees or delays, or an overly complex checkout process. Customers also might be discouraged by long shipping times or forced registration requirements. By addressing these issues and improving their customer experience, Shopify entrepreneurs can reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase sales. Abandoned cart emails can also be used to provide discounts or special offers to entice customers to complete a first-time purchase and get over some of this decision friction. They can also be used to collect feedback from shoppers on why they abandoned the cart, helping brands enhance their website and copywriting choices in the future and can offer insights into why your colder audiences may be on the fence to becoming a first-time customer.

abandoned cart email automation example from the brand dew wellness

For new products, like Dew Wellness, we knew product education in a benefit oriented and visual manner was key to helping prospects reach a purchasing decision.

3. Re-engage Customers with a Win-Back Campaigns

Seeing high customer attrition? No problem! Email allows Shopify brand owners to reach out directly to customers who may have previously abandoned their subscriptions or stopped using their products/services for long periods of time. By crafting personalized and targeted emails, you can make an impact on customers by providing them with a gift with purchase, reactivation incentives, discounts, or other offers that may help draw them back in. Additionally, emails can gather valuable customer feedback from customers which helps entrepreneurs refine their strategies and improve their products and customer experience over time.

winback email automation example from the brand pottery with a purpose

Clever copywriting stands out for Pottery with a Purpose, who reached out to customers who may have no purchased a kit within a year to come back and find enjoyment in getting unplugged.

4. Create Decision Support with a Browse Abandonment Flow

Browse abandonment flows are incredibly beneficial for Shopify businesses using Klaviyo. They enable automatic email campaigns to be triggered when customers visit a product page and then leave without making a purchase. For wellness brands particularly, education on how products are used can help bridge the gap in information and serve as great purchase decision support. These automated emails can entice customers back to the website with special promotions, discounts, or unique content tailored specifically to them. Browse abandonment flows help increase engagement and boost conversion rate, helping to create more loyal customers who will keep coming back for more.

browse abandonment email example from the brand Arrae

Niche products with a lot of education sometimes requires customers to do a deep dive and research. Get them where they're most engaged by showing them your expansive multi-media resources on other social platforms.

5. Get Hyper-personalized by segmenting your customers

Not all customers are created equal, so why should they all be treated equally? By placing customers into different groups based on their purchasing behaviour, interests, and demographics, Shopify brand owners can craft hyper-tailored messages that are more likely to resonate with the right people.  Additionally, email segmentation can help reduce unsubscribes and increase engagement by ensuring that customers only receive relevant content. By segmenting their email list, Shopify entrepreneurs can improve their campaigns and have better visibility into which strategies yield positive results. In short, email segmentation is a crucial step for any successful personalized email marketing strategy for Shopify businesses.

segmented email example from the brand Arrae

We loved making seasonal campaigns for customers interested in specific products we wanted to boost sales for, like the Meditation challenge for Arrae Calm Capsule customers engaged on instagram.

Email marketing is a powerful way to engage customers, generate leads and increase profits for your business. Automating emails with Klaviyo takes the hassle out of creating campaigns and ensures that your messages reach the right people at the right time. Partnering with Arq Design Studio can bring even more success through our specialized consulting, training and implementation services. With their help, you can maximize ROI from Klaviyo and use email automation to grow your brand's profits in no time!

New to Klaviyo? You might have questions:

How Quickly Do Klaviyo Automations Pay Off?

If you are considering hiring Arq to get set up with Klaviyo, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact ROI. However, typically businesses that hire us will have at least 25% of their total Shopify revenue attributed to flows and campaigns in Klaviyo. Typically, if the business is already doing well, this percentage is increased to 30-40% of total revenue or more.

If your email sales channel doesn't meet your expectations, let's have a chat and discuss solutions.

What are some common Klaviyo Flows?

  • A series of emails to welcome new customers and acquaint them with your brand can be sent out as a Welcome New Subscriber Flow.
  • Content tailored to products purchased, lifetime spend, user-specific coupons and predicted date of next purchase are also available.
  • Longer abandoned cart sequences than those provided by Shopify can also be set up.
  • An automatic post-purchase follow-up email promoting an item that complements a recent purchase may also be sent out.
  • Special promotions on or before customer's birthday or first purchase anniversary are possible when you send everyone on your list a message at a certain time frame relative to their birth date.

What are the most important things to consider when creating my flows?

With most consumers subscription to over 50 email lists, you have to stand out from the subject line with clever and on-brand copy.

  1. Test your subject lines with Klaviyo A/B tests
  2. Write preview lines that spark curiosity to improve open rates
  3. Get to the point with your primary call to action within the first 200 words.
  4. Recover interest by giving customers something relevent to click through if the email primary CTA didn't work.

Hire Arq to Help

Arq Design Studio is an expert in Klaviyo, the leading email automation platform for Shopify businesses. We specialize in creating personalized and targeted campaigns, segmenting customers, tracking results and optimizing conversions. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding and leveraging the Klaviyo features to maximize ROI for your store. We also offer comprehensive consulting and training services to ensure that you are getting the most out of this powerful email marketing tool. We will help your Shopify brand take full advantage of the latest technology trends, ensuring you get the highest return on your investment.

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