Pinsy Lifts Conversion by 30% before Black Friday

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Pinsy Lifts Conversion by 30% before Black Friday

Discover how Arq empowered Pinsy to achieve an impressive >4% Average Order Value (AOV) increase just before Black Friday, marking their most significant growth period since launch.

Headline metrics 

  • Results: 25% Revenue growth from November 12 2022 – February 12 2023, AOV With Rebuy (9.09% boost). 252% increase in route package protection revenue. 
  • Industry: Under Garments, Fashion and Apparel
  • Integration used: Rebuy, Yotpo, Package Protection
  • Rebuy use cases:  Dynamic Bundles, PDP Complete the look, Cart Cross Sell, Buy more save more

Revenue up >208%% YOY and 14.35% PP

Conversion up 31% Nov 1 2022 – Jan 1 2022

Average Order Value up $9.74 with Rebuy (>9% boost) 


BOXED IN BY TEMPLATE CHAINS, this category-breaking brand was ready to get snatched with an upgraded brand and web experience to give the girls (and CVR) a serious lift.

Arq partnered with Pinsy to launch a seriously upgraded web experience JUST before Black Friday in 2022 (unheard of BTW) - giving the girls a serious conversion lift of over 30% 2 weeks before their campaign offers ramped up for the season. Plus a 25% increase in average order value thanks to better merchandising of add-ons with ReBuy - bye-bye nip slips and hello nipple covers 🙈.⁠

“We make ReBuy an app stack requirement in any of our design and build projects as the ability to personalize the shopping experience and offer a wide range of complex customizations is easily achieved with immediate ROI for all our clients. Plus ReBuy can work with a number of complex product setups making it a perfect fit for fashion and apparel brand of varying complexity.”  – Lea Gucciardi, Creative Director or Arq Design.


Conversion Rate was priority number one: Arq Design’s audacious task by the Pinsy team was to lift the conversion rate without changing the ad spend of traffic to make back the investment of their website redesign before the Black Friday period started. Arq also wanted a proven increase in conversion before their biggest sales push of the year while releasing some key limited edition collections before the holiday season.

Helping customers discover more products was essential: With Pinsy planning on releasing brand new categories (like underwear, and more limited edition color collections), growing the sales product page views for these new products was paramount, especially if they sold out of styles quickly, not leaving customers with a dead-end navigation experience was essential.

Increasing AOV (average order value) by hyper-specific upsells matched on variant as well as key accessories for their bodysuits was a third goal to offset costs of shipping as well.

With the intricacy of Pinsy’s shapewear fit features, it became vital to have a cross-selling mechanism that could personalize product recommendations based on matched SKUs. However, a challenge emerged as the Shopify platform imposed limitations on the number of SKUs and product imagery when all colors were kept separate in the catalogue. To overcome this, Pinsy took the initiative to re-architect their entire catalogue, implementing a single-color product setup in the Shopify backend. This solution, while solving one problem, introduced a new layer of complexity when it came to cross-selling products at scale. Considering that each shapewear piece has three attribute dimensions - Color, Size, and Length - alongside additional attributes like Cut, determining effective cross-selling strategies became even more crucial.

"No other apps on the market could handle the intricate task of seamlessly showcasing various shapesuits, accessories, and new product lineups on a large scale. It was a challenge to find a solution that met our complex requirements."
- Lea Gucciardi, Technical Director

Enter: Rebuy integrated by Arq Design.


Leveraging High Traffic Pages from Ads

We understand that the Product Detail Page (PDP) played a crucial role in enhancing discoverability and size selection for Pinsy's distinctive shapesuits. Additionally, it allowed customers to explore variations in colorways and cuts of similar styles, thus further enhancing discoverability.

To enhance the Product Display Page (PDP), we implemented two cross-sell widgets. These widgets are strategically placed: A) below the "Add to Cart" buttons, and B) beneath the decision support sections. The purpose of these widgets is to assist customers in achieving a complete look or exploring different color options for the same shapesuit. Additionally, we have conveniently pre-selected their preferred size in the cart.

Intelligent Up-sells for specific SKUs

Pinsy also has a number of shape suits that are sheer in the bust area, and their complementary product, Nipple Covers, was an obvious contender for a pre-checkout or in-checkout upsell for happier customers. However, they are recessive in the catalogue itself so uncovering them (pun intended 🥁) was difficult to do with the built-in theme capabilities alone without sacrificing product discovery on high-traffic pages.

We opted for a few simple widgets focused on the PDP, since their strongest marketing channels (social ads and email) linked the majority of customers directly to the PDP.

AI powered cross-sells to show same size and color in different styles

ReBuy assisted Arq in achieving SKU matching for cross-selling purposes, specifically within the Smart Cart's cross-sell widget and the PDP's (Product Detail Page) Complete the Look feature. For instance, if a customer purchases a Black XL Long bodysuit with a high neck, ReBuy allows us to effortlessly suggest the most popular pieces that are commonly bought together, in the same size. Additionally, ReBuy helps eliminate hesitations by suggesting other available colours, thereby offering a seamless way for customers to add more styles to their cart and meet the free shipping threshold.

The first, the Other Must Haves widget, below the PDP, add to cart, uses ReBuy’s Recommended AI endpoint and dynamically recommends similar products based on what product is viewed and matches on SKU attributes, excluding any products that are sold out.

Buy-more-save-more bundles helping expand the assortment and aid with promotional strategy

During the second phase of their new year launch, Pinsys focused on the expansion of their product lineup into various categories. They recognized the importance of offering deals similar to other underwear brands, and thus implemented a key promotional strategy for Pinsie Panties - a buy-more-save-more promotion. To facilitate this, a dynamic bundle widget was introduced, allowing customers to effortlessly add multiples of the same size in different colors and cuts to their cart. The discount was promptly visible before proceeding to checkout, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Being able to use custom Data sets to specify specific upsells, like Nipple Covers when the Lace Shapesuit was in cart, or chage the heading to specify a Buy More Save More Deal when the Pinsy Panties were in cart helped with another 44% of attributed ReBuy revenue. 


After integrating ReBuy and going live with their redesign, seeing an immediate return on investment gave Pinsy a huge boost of confidence and cash flow going into a record-breaking Black Friday season. 

“We love being able to see from the exact time of launch a correlation between cart size, product discoverability and the widgets we selected. Launching a new experience before Black Friday is a gamble and this one paid off massivley.” - Lea Gucciardi, Creative Director of Arq Design.

Using a range of powerful ecommerce personalization tools, Pinsy and Arq not only was able to improve the customer experience and discover products more easily but also improved the bottom line by ensuring the accessories that helped customers have a more positive experience with the products were put front-and-center. 

“Nipple covers have become our #1 best seller in just a few short weeks, meaning less returns and better reviews for our signature lace shape suits as well.” - Tina Torres Ecommerce Manager at Pinsy.
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