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Yogini Living

Bloat Latte packaging design photo art direction for Shopify Wellness DTC Brand

Systematizing before burning cash, Meghana wanted a crystal-clear customer journey to leverage her hard-earned traffic and honour the company named for her late grandmother.

Home & Lifestyle, DTC, Shopify E-COMMERCE

Driven by wanting to build something that would support mindfully inclined people to pursue rest in our permeating hustle culture that devalues idleness and play time. And normalize resting and idleness (without the guise of self-help) for our wellbeing.

In our collaborative approach to this project, the goal was to create dynamic email flows for Yogini Living based on their customer behavior and preferences. Delivering highly relevant and personalized content to their audience which will lead to increased conversions, customer loyalty and allowing Yogini Living to grow in other product categories that support the same mission.


  • Klaviyo Kick Start
  • Klaviyo Email Design
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Copywriting

What We Did

Created a segmented opt-in and strategised the lead magnet flow for insightful customer data

Highlighted a more high-end brand journey through email with a comprehensive onboarding customer experience

Created more content area opportunities for highlighting product UPS and messaging

Created a library of mobile-first email assets for easy reproduction for the weekly email series

Flows we built in our Klaviyo Kick Start


"I'm so impressed... the aesthetics, the color, the GIFs, the strategic places that we're focused on are pretty solid. And I also really appreciate Nicole, you explaining your strategy and thought process behind it."

Business Owner - Yogini Living
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