Imagine being able to create a high converting designer website without the designer price tag!?

When people ask you “who did your website?” Are you scared to admit that it was DIYd?

What if you could invest less than $400 into your store design, looking like you spent thousands, and make 10x that back in your FIRST MONTH?


DIYd sites don’t have to look... well like a DIYd site.

Me at every site where the product is $$$ but the site design is uglyyy.

Let’s be honest, being in the product business is HARD.

If you’re not worried about the quality of your storefront, that doesn’t give your customer a good impression of the probable quality of the product once it’s in their hands.

They also have already then defined a lower price point they THEY think you’re worth.

Translation: lost sales and value disconnect with customers you might even be paying  ads for to get to your site. #yikes

A poorly designed site can lose you on average 30% of possible revenue! 

But the problem is, you’re a business owner, not a website designer.

And your time is most valuably spent managing your products and the logistics behind the scenes.

Getting a professionally designed website feels like a luxury expense right now.

So what do you do?


This toolkit has everything you need to take your store from 😰 to 😍 and it’s the only resource of it’s kind out there designed for Shopify Merchants.


All the resources you need, TO STAND OUT

  • Colour palette ideas that fit your vibe,
  • High quality font combinations that are fast, FREE to use, gorgeous and totally on brand
  • High converting template suggestions Step by step video on how to utilise them.
  • Step by step video tutorials on how to apply your brand assets to your theme

Only $37

  • Lifetime access
  • All future updates
  • High-converting template suggestions packed with features
  • 6 video walkthroughs of the brand personality framework, the Shopify Customizer and how to use your toolkit
  • Instant PDF Download
  • 36 pages of goodness
I Need THis!

What You're Getting

I’m not just giving you color codes in a PDF and bouncin’...

  • Tactical walkthrough of how to use your colour palette in the Shopify theme customizer
  • How to use your fonts and style them and make sure they’re legible
  • How to make sure you avoid costly mistakes that could result in an accessibility lawsuit
  • What to look for in a good template that REALLY lets you brand you store like a pro
  • A free credit to Hey Carson for a small custom development task for your boujie custom feature you have to have

Let me know if this sounds familiar

  • Pouring through hundreds of blog article roundups of “the best Shopify templates of”
  • Soliciting feedback from facebook groups asking why you got no sales from X # of visits
  • Buying trendy fonts only to realize you can’t even use it for your website
  • Hours wasted flicking through different colors and getting frustrated you can’t find something that looks just right
  • Seeing a competitors site and realizing you basically look like twins - yikes - that’s like wearing the same dress to prom as your frenemy

Preserve Your Precious Time

Recommendations of templates that have CRAZY flexibility and your future designer and developer will LOVE you for choosing.

Get You The Look for Less

Instead of buying expensive trendy fonts only to realize you can’t even use it for your website.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Seeing a competitors site and realizing you basically look like twins - yikes - that’s like wearing the same dress to prom as your frenemy.

Get Started Now

And you get this workbook for EVA EVA (for eva eva!) - even if you open up a second store like the boss babe you are.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Lea!

Lea, an eCommerce expert has worked with hundreds of retailers over the last decade and helped them scale their business from frumpy to fruitful and has worked with retail giants, international banks, small businesses and NGOs across the world. She specializes in stores that go from madness to managed for product based businesses.

Guess What? Having a GORGEOUS online store doesn’t have to mean investing 5 figures.


  • Designing a 6 figure store in a weekend
  • Your customers swooning over your brand
  • Feeling proud of your website again

This toolkit is perfect if You:

Are not ready to drop 4-5 figures on a web designer/developer

Want to still be hands on with their branding - maybe you have design skills but aren’t super confident with translating it into a website

Need guidance on the best investment for your customer facing store that will save you hundreds of dollars down the road