White Labeled Development

You Bring the Design,
We Code the Rest.

for Designers & design Agencies

We're here to be the extension of your business and offer expert level Shopify support. As a white label design and development agency For all your high-ticket eCommerce clients, we help you produce and launch work that you're proud to put your name on!

Who You Are

You are a stellar designer/agency, maybe even award winning and highly sought after business owner, needing a helping hand.

Our design partners are experts at their craft. You're a visual story teller in making a shopping experience unique, memorable, and on-brand. But your team is lacking either the bandwidth or the expertise to offer Shopify fully in-house or at the scale you need to be sustainable right now. You want to offer design services with a blue-sky approach your clients expect, that doesn't fall below expectations when you hand it off to your dev team.

Oh, and it needs to be at a just-right price point.

Shopify Development

We only offer Shopify for our white label development, so our time together is efficient. If you're looking for something bespoke, our team can help you find the tooling to make it a reality.
Custom feature consulting
Theme Development
Email Integration
SEO optimization
Landing Pages
Speed optimization
* Project inclusions are custom to your unique needs.
For your wildest ideas
If your designs have something unique and rule bending, we'd love to help make it a reality on Shopify.

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What a Project With Us Looks Like with a white label design and build agency

Design & Build Blueprint

Before any work commences, we always begin with a discovery call to ensure we’re the right fit to work together and we’re on the same page.

If you have any questions about what's achievable with Shopify, we'll walk you through site examples and outline what efforts and requirements go into creating it. You'll leave our call with the clarity you need before you jump into your blank canvas.


After our initial design and build blueprint discover, we will send you a personalized proposal depending on your budget and needs.

You'll have multiple options to choose from, so you can decide how our services will fit into the project with your prospect or already signed client.


Mockups, details, and documentation.

We'll hold your hand, reviewing the progress of your design as it builds over time. We're here to make sure your dream stays within the capabilities of the platform, your budget, and timeline. We'll be formalizing how everything works to line up with your client's business requirements, so we're crystal clear on both aesthetic and functionality.

Implementation & Testing

Sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen as we make your vision a living shoppable store.

We’ll go through multiple tests to ensure your client's website runs seamlessly. Isn't it nice to just focus on what you do best? We'll be in touch with regular updates as the build progresses. When we're done dev, we provide a 2 week testing window to submit bugs and design revisions to get it pixel perfect.


Pop a bottle because it’s finally time for handoff and launch!

This is where we wrap up your customized website tutorials and hand over your new website that your client will be proud to present. We also provide 30 day post-handoff support for all the inevitable questions your team and client will have. Beyond that you will have the chance to bring us on for ongoing support as-needed.

Get Started

"...that's one thing that sets you guys apart actually from other developers. It's just how granular you get with preparing your client to really work in the best way possible with you.

Jen Davis
Hello June Creative
Meet Lea Gucciardi,
Developer, Designer, FOunder

I have been coding since 12 years old, and designing and developing custom eCommerce experiences since web 1.0 days in 2007.

After seeing designers struggle to break out of the template-box and pull all-nighters for the simplest design problems, Lea opened a design-friendly development service for companies who just want to stay in their genious zone - design.

Shopify is our teams specialty - nothing else. Custom development is our jam, so you bring the design and we will code the rest.

My team would be so excited to help you bring to life your Shopify projects through our high-touch client experience.

Hi, my name is Lea. Designer, developer, and ecommerce expert

Kind Words

Our clients describe us as: hyper organized, helpful, and their back-pocket white label development agency experts.

Don't just take our word for it, listen to the feedback from our amazing design partners who have worked with us in the past.

Saevil Row - 0:35

Hello June Creative - 1:09

Simple Pricing

Get in touch for more accurate pricing as all projects vary in complexity.

Template Based Accelerator

$7,000 USD flat rate

Best for clients who need a budget friendly on brand store front from a strong template base. No custom apps needed, just a quick turn around done-for-you build at a just-right price point. This is a flat rate project, with a-la-carte additions available.

2 week slick start-to-finish timeline
4-6 template based pages developed
Limited Product Setup
Limited custom sections
Simple SEO Deployment
NO App integrations
1:1 Training
Launch Support
Get Started
*Additional pages and products are extra. Section customizations are possible, with some limitations.

Hybrid Shopify Development

$7,000-$12,000 USD

Best for designers who want to go beyond the theme, but have guardrails to fit their client's budget. You want to include details like animations or a single unique app for a slightly more complex store-front than a template would get you. A template is our starting point but not the result.

4–6 week timeline
5-10 semi-custom pages*
Product Setup support
Simple SEO
Limited App Integration Consulting
Limited Custom development*
QA and testing done for you
Training, Launch Support
Most Popular
Get Started
*Additional pages and products are extra

Fully Custom Dev

$12,000-$60,000 USD

Sky's the limit here. You don't want any template-base restrictions because your design vision can't be boxed in by what's on the market. And/Or you need a few custom integrations done for a more complex product offering with more support.

Custom Pages quoted per project
Full SKY Setup and deployment
App integrations by request
Project Management
Strategy and Consulting
2 weeks of refinement QA
Training, Launch Support
Get Started
*Your estimate will be determined by the # of pages and apps in your initial discovery call


One of the things that really stood out to me was just how buttoned up your process was from start to finish. I felt like very supported. I felt like I knew exactly what phase of the project we were on what you guys were working on. I felt very informed as to what you needed for me in order to make the project a success specifically. And it really helped me stay calm knowing that things were progressing on y'all's end when I couldn't necessarily see the work being done.  And that helped provide my client with the highest level experience possible.

- Jen Davis, Hello June Creative

Our Values

Arq's friction free process strives to be the support for our clients by:

Leading with compassion

Our clients are busy entrepreneurs who might be doing everything themselves and are overwhelmed. We endure to make an experience that's friction free, organized, and alleviate anxiety so you focus your energy elsewhere.

Providing clarity

Building an ecommerce business can be like staring into a black hole of the unknown. We don't have anything to prove by talking over your head. We speak with the intent to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Infusing Joy

Long projects are draining on everyone. We only work with clients we're excited about, allowing a mutual passion for your business to bleed into every facet of our time together. Our goal is to make you feel excited for every phase on this journey, from concept to completion.

Creating with Integrity

We're creating an experience to connect with your ideal customers - that means we sometimes push back on what you think you want. We're here to help you arrive at the right destination and we operate on providing our insights candidly and collaboratively, but we need your trust to help us move forward with radical candor.

Get a quote for your development project.

Shot of a web developer coding in Shopify Liquid on a laptopShot of a web developer coding in Shopify Liquid on a laptop
Every investment guide is bespoke for your unique project needs.

No two projects are the same, so your package won't be either.

We'll chat about everything pricing on our Clarity Call - respond to the email in your inbox to get the link to book that call!


Interested in working together but have questions?

I want a fully custom site, can you do that?

Absolutely. However we always tell our partners that custom isn't always the most effective approach for 90% of clients, as Shopify has unique limitations and it could make the site a headache to manage by the client unless they have a team equipped to handle the site for them.

Get in touch with us to chat about what a custom project looks like or if a semi-custom or intensive approach would be better and save some $$ for you as well.

Our holistic approach to web design has been crafted to walk you through each phase making it easy for you, making it a seamless transition once our project begins. Read more about our process here.

How much does it cost to work with you?

All projects are different, so we encourage you to submit your application so we can get on a discovery call about your client and projects needs.

On average, most clients that work with us invest between 3.5k – 40k CAD - the range is depending on the level of customizations, your timeline, and features you need. Because of this it's always best to book a call with us to get the clarity you need

Can you do just a maintenance package for us?

We only take on select clients for a one-off maintenance package, or retainers. Our VIP days might be perfect to fill the gaps between your redesign and your clients growing pains. Fill out our client application form so we can assess if we’re a good fit for your brand!

However, we have different services that can help in those in-between periods. We can discuss this on our Clarity Call.

What platforms do you develop websites on?

We have extensive design and development experience in Shopify and we don't offer services for other platforms. In our Clarity call we can help you define if Shopify is the best fit for your client, so submit your application and we would be happy to discuss all this and more when we chat!

Can we cut costs by using a template?

Here’s the deal: all Shopify storefronts are based off a template in some shape or form unless you do truly custom site – and if you’re not making over 6 figures per month or losing 5 figures a month because of UX issues, you don’t need a FULLY custom template. Templates are pre-built architecture but not the end result. Kind of like those crazy people on pinterest with wild IKEA hacks - we take the frame and create something totally new.

Shopify templates also come in varying degrees of flexibility, speed, well engineered sections, and documentation for upkeep. We only recommend templates have used and are familiar worth the code base and have researched for ADA compliance and performance. If you wanted to just use a template you still won’t be much closer to that design, aesthetic and usable quality you’re after. All templates need some level of customization to achieve what you want without extra apps slowing you down.

If you're really looking to go lean with your development costs, we recommend reaching out to us because we do offer smaller intensive packages that are more heavily template based that we can do a quicker turnaround on a smaller budget, your project inclusions will look a little different that our packages above.

How do revisions work? Do I have input on the final site design?

Depends on your package. For Website-in-a-week, since our time together is limited, we do 1 dedicated day of bug fixing and refinements, as well as our 15 day if-it-breaks-we-fix-it support period. For Semi-custom and fully custom, we have an unlimited ticket submission policy for up to a 2 week window. So if you see something off, submit a big and we will squash it. However, we're designers too so rest assured that our goal is to get your design to be pixel perfect like your mockups. Just know that, reasonably, if revisions are excessive (like 3+ rounds of 10+ tickets) it will affect your target launch date because coding takes time - there’s no way around that.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We know your project cashflow is important to your business, so we try to make payments as simple as possible while being flexible. We offer equal payment plans over the duration of your project - no crazy math needed. We would be happy to detail what this looks like for you in your personal investment guide after our Clarity Call. Most projects have 3-6 equal payment instalments.

I started implementing a Shopify site myself, can you do tweaks to what I have?

First of all, absolute kudos to you for taking on such a task! The short answer, it depends. Our expertise exceeds just single CSS and HTML, however we have limited experience with complex JavaScript. Also, Shopify sites can be a bit of a monster to detangle and understand each businesses unique requirements. It's best to fill out our application and get in touch. Unfortunately we cannot offer same-day tweaks and bug support to new inquiring clients. We recommend reaching out to an expert on StoreTasker or HeyCarson for immediate small task needs.

Do you provide training on the website?

YES, of course! We would never leave you hanging. At the conclusion of your project, we'll create personalized website training videos for your use and reference as well as a dedicate 2 hour live training session for you to get your hand dirty and ask questions along the way. Your recordings are stored for your teams reference later. We also provide written documentation and short loom videos for unique aspects of managing the clients store - basically we're handing your client an operating S.O.P so they can grow a team who can do it for them too.

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