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Web Design Revamp

Our complete website design makeover is perfect for the modern entrepreneur ready to expand their online home and create a cult-worthy store experience.
Apple macbook open, Lea works on a strategy deck for a Shopify Website clientApple macbook open, Lea works on a strategy deck for a Shopify Website client

Bespoke Shopify Store Design,
Concept to Execution

6-12 week lead time

Ideal for businesses wanting to get a fresh start on accelerating your brand goals. Our refined process will help you define your ideal customers, create the online store of your dreams.

We recommended getting in touch with us at least 1-3 months in advance of your ideal launch date with your project details. Client applications are reviewed individually to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

What's Included:

Story brand driven content and UX strategy
Site map layout & content creation guidelines
User experience design
Digital marketing assets (email, social, display)
Email marketing integration
Custom website development
SEO optimization
Personalized website customization training

Now booking for March/April Start Dates

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This service is Best if:

You are a new business who needs a cutting edge website to convert customers with an elevated aesthetic
You are experiencing a sales plateau, your website is definitely to blame for the roadblock in your growth
2 or more years have passed since your last design update or redesign
You have undergone a rebrand and your website needs TLC
You are launching a new business or product line and your online aesthetic and experience is pivotal to your launch success
You are ready to work with a designer who will guide you through the process and give you the best solution for your unique business challenges


Interested in working together but have questions?

What do I need to work with you?

For websites, it’s critical that you have a professionally designed brand, and a suite of brand photography (lifestyle and product shots) otherwise we will hit a roadblock pretty early on in the design process.

Don't worry we can help you take care of your branding a photography needs as well. Or, we would be happy refer you to a few preferred branding agencies that we have worked with in the past to help you get set up. 

Our holistic approach to web design has been crafted to walk you through each phase making it easy for you, making it a seamless transition once our project begins. Read more about our process here.

Why do I need strategy? I just need a good website.

As much as we’d love to dive right into the design portion of building a website, we believe that great design is rooted in strategy, particularly for eCommerce businesses. You may have a keen sense of the problems and possible solutions, just as any good doctor would ask questions before you walk in and demand surgery. 

Having a solid strategy ensures that your values, target audience profile and everything “under the hood” aligns with your brand. Then only can we create a human-first approach tailored to be a customized fit for your brand. Our #1 goal here is to help you generate more profit for your business while your website is your money maker.

How soon can we begin?

We would love to be able to start ASAP, however our availability varies throughout the year due to the scope of your specific project. We recommend reaching out to us at least 1-2 months in advance of your ideal launch date as we accept a limited number of clients per month. Fill out our client application form so we can assess if we’re a good fit for your brand!

What platforms do you develop websites on?

We have extensive design and development experience in Shopify and Webflow. Typically, product based businesses operate best with Shopify, while nonprofits and social entrepreneurs will choose Webflow. Each of the above platforms bring their own value and benefits to your business and will help streamline your user experience and website performance. We will discuss which platform is best for your business during our initial discovery call, so submit your application and we would be happy to discuss all this and more when we chat!

How much does it cost to work with you?

Every project is different, so we always like to hop on a clarity call to talk about your specific needs first. Then we’ll put together a custom proposal and quote just for you.  Design is an investment and we always want to make that investment worthwhile for our clients, so let's chat and we can offer some honest advice. Our goal is to make growing your business effortless if it makes sense for your stage of growth.

By giving you the tools to utilize your website well and communicate with your customers, you’ll have more confidence to launch that new product, expand your services or open up that brick and mortar. We want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! This is a business investment, so we try to make payments as simple as possible. Your deposit to book time in our calendar will be a percentage of the project (usually 15-20%). From there, we'll break up the rest into bi weekly payments, or split them to spread equally throughout our project timeline the course of your project schedule (between 4-12 weeks) and set to auto-draft. However, we’re flexible and are happy to discuss other payment plans options that work better with your budget.

I designed my website myself and just need tweaks, can you help me?

First of all, absolute kudos to you for taking on such a task to get your market fit and start making profit! The short answer, it depends. We work with clients who are in the 1+ year stage of their business, most often when they have had professional branding completed as this is the essential building block of your website. If you are still in the DIY phase of your brant, we might not be the best fit to work together. If you want to inquire on the baby steps needed to get to our signature website design package, book a call with me and we can break it down into manageable chunks that push the needle in the right direction for you.

How do revisions work? Do I have input on the design?

I don’t work in strict revision cycles - your design is tailored to your goals, and I only stop when you feel the “wow” factor. I work on a one-concept method, meaning I concept and create the strongest design based on my developed style, your needs, and a professionally informed opinion. But we will go through design revisions as needed until you’re happy. Because we go in depth with strategy and planning this rarely (if ever) happens when we have to throw it out and start again. Just know that, reasonably, if revisions are excessive (like 5+ rounds) it will affect your target launch date because good design takes time - there’s no way around that.

Can we cut costs by using a template?

Here’s the deal: all Shopify storefronts are based off a template in some shape or form unless you do truly custom site – and if you’re not making over 6 figures per month or losing 5 figures a month because of UX issues, you don’t need a FULLY custom template. Templates are pre-built architecture but not the end result. Kind of like those crazy people on pinterest with wild IKEA hacks - I take the frame and create something totally new.

Shopify templates also come in varying degrees of flexibility, speed, well engineered sections, and documentation for upkeep. I only use templates I would recommend, trust and have used in the past. If you wanted to just use a template you still won’t be much closer to that design, aesthetic and usable quality you’re after. All templates need some level of customization to achieve what you want without extra apps slowing you down. So in your investment package is a built-in custom development budget to make your store front really special and cater to your customers needs well. I’ll take care of the details for you, no sweat!

What happens if something breaks after launch?

Anything I build for you I have a 30-day post launch guarantee on, if it breaks I will fix it! However, there are 2 caveats. Shopify being a SaaS provider is constantly iterating and improving their software for merchants on an ongoing basis. Any updates to the Shopify template language, API and more are not covered if changes were not documented or released at kickoff. Third party app integrations can’t be guaranteed as I have no control over their code base. Understand that Shopify does software version changes over time, so changes to the software requirements is not covered.

Do you provide training on my website?

At the conclusion of your project, I'll create personalized website training videos for your use and reference.

Do you offer services at a lower cost?

Yes! We offer strategy and consulting workshops, design and development accelerators (an intensive service for smaller projects in a quick turnaround), and mini-courses for merchants.

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