Laptop and phone on a couch showing the Waka Coffee website design home page for our website in a week Shopify client

Launch an on-brand and high converting site in almost no time

Quick, cost-effective, and based on our extensive e-commerce experience. You just need a simple theme setup that's on brand without customizing anything that will need future development ongoing support. An up-to-date web presence will serve as a great launching pad to propel your brand, attract more customers, and generate more sales. Our accelerators fuse custom aspects into a pre-existing Shopify theme with everything properly configured using the latest user experience standards–all this in just one day of your time!


3 payments of $2,500 USD

Payment plans available.

Only 1 available spot remaining in Q4

What's Included:

On-brand cohesive look that feels premium
Photos, logos, color and type with a premium curated Shopify theme.

High converting and intentional design
Built in a week Theme, email, and catalogue setup, with streamlined app integrations as needed.

Engaging and SEO optimized pages
We're known for story-lead experiences that people want to peruse, and perform well with Google too.

Above-and-beyond training,
Personalized how-to videos training portal made just for your Shopify store.

Extensive post-launch support
Stay autonomous in managing your online business as you grow and launch new products.

Reserve Your Spot

Does this sound familiar?

Turns out, there's a formula to make this all happen, and we've nailed it down to a science.

The Process

From concept to launch in record time, with a store that goes the extra mile for your growing business.

1 Let's Have A Chat About Your Brand

We'll dig into your unique business requirements to put together a full creative brief aligned with your vision. First we meet with you, the star of our week, to understand all the unique details about your business, identify key messaging, and align on a template as the launchpad of your brand new website design. Don't have a brand? We can fit a Custom Brand accelerator to get your foundations ready.

2 Gather Your Content

Next, your team will have 2 weeks prior to strategize your website copy and SEO content. Our guidebook will give you extensive instruction on exactly how to format this. Want expert help with copy? Our conversion content strategist & wicked smart copywriters know how to help your customers understand your products, become brand advocates and build organic SEO value.

3 It’s Time for Kickoff!

In our first meeting, we plan out technical execution and get some important details from you. We will make sure you feel at-ease with our transparent process. Your dedicated project manager will be in touch regularly to provide guidance and keep tabs on progress. You'll have a 1:1 call with our Technical and Creative team to brief us in on your vision and tease out last details before our sprint.

4 Putting the Pieces Together

With approval in hand, we push forward on each page with extreme attention to detail. Meanwhile, we blaze ahead on prepping your store experience with all the details needed for your first store, or professional touch-up. We make it simple build out your first product catalogue and start raking in sales from your dream customers.

5 Giving it the Pressure Test

When implementation is complete, we do a final quality assurance call (and gaze in wonder at all we created in such a short time!). We review the website from head to tail for any pesky bugs to squash.

6 Ready to Buy

Once you have signed off on the site, we take you through a comprehensive 2 hour training session, recorded for you live, personalized to your setup. Then, we publish and you're ready to rake it in.
GIMMY Wellness brand photo for our website-in-a-week Shopify Accelerator


Custom Branding + Shopify Accelerator
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Dew Wellness hand with white nail polish grabbing a bottle from the table on a pink packground - which is an Arq Shopify client

Dew Wellness

Custom Branding + Shopify Accelerator
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Waka coffee and tea is a Shopify client of arq. A woman holds a pouch of colcmbian coffee in her keft hand with a white to-go coffee  cup in her other hand

Waka Coffee

Shopify Accelerator
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The best shopify design agency for Hair Holistic Shopify redesign service and CRO

Hair Holistic

Custom Branding + Shopify Accelerator
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Happy Wolf

Shopify Accelerator
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"From our initial consultation to the final product, the team was extremely attentive to my needs and preferences, and they executed my vision flawlessly."

Stephanie Commisso
Business Owner - Bluum Maison

"It really felt like we are getting the best possible return on our investment. It was a very pleasant experience overall and I am really satisfied with the results."

David Kovalevski
Founder - Wakka Coffee
David wears a blue henly shirt sitting on a couch - who is a Shopify client of Arq Design StudioDavid wears a blue henly shirt sitting on a couch - who is a Shopify client of Arq Design Studio

"We love it! Amazing that you were able to deliver every little feature we asked for. This whole process is exceeding all my expectations"

Boris Paul Roelandt
CoFounder - GIMMY

Let's chat and see if the Accelerator is right for your business.


"I did really like the structure of the overall workflow including the onboarding material and the other steps in the process. We received a beautifully designed and functioning website for a fair price and in a relatively short timeframe. This is the best solution for small businesses like ourselves that want to work with top professionals in a price they can afford."

- David, Founder Waka Coffee co.
How soon can we begin?

We reserve only 1 accelerator spot per month so our custom clients can get the 1:1 studio time they need, and we tend to book about 4-6 weeks in advance for an accelerator project.

However, our availability does vary throughout the year. Send in an application to get our most immediate availability.

Is this service tailored only for startups, or can it uplift established brands as well?

Great question! Our service is meticulously crafted to cater to both budding businesses and established brands. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of each. For startups, we lay a robust foundation, and for the seasoned brands, we offer a rejuvenating transformation. Trust us, our expertise ensures that every brand, regardless of its stage, gets the attention and upliftment it truly deserves.

It is important to note however that if you already have a Shopify store with a few plugins or complexities (like Subsriptions!) or if you know you have a few needs like those, we will offer a few a-la-carte add-ons to your package or tell you if our custom design and build services are better suited instead.

Do you guarantee results?

web design isn't an exact science, we can assure you of tangible results. The quality of your online revenue relies heavily on factors such as traffic quality, traffic sources, product quality, and messaging. Although each situation is unique, we guarantee a substantial and measurable increase in your conversion rate if you're already on Shopify. For newcomers to the platform, we pledge a seamless and user-friendly experience that optimizes conversion rates through thoughtful UX design. On average, our clients see a conversion rate that surpasses industry standards, ranging between 1.5% and 6%.

What if I want to make changes to the design after it's done?

Change is the spice of life, isn't it? While our design process is streamlined for efficiency, we always leave a little wiggle room for those "Aha!" moments. If you have a sudden burst of inspiration or just want a tiny tweak, we're all ears (and eyes, and hands) to help you out. The designs will use sections you can rinse and repeat on any internal page as much as your heart desires for whatever new offer, product, or page you must have. Remember, it's your dream; we're just here to sprinkle some magic on it!

How soon will the service be completed?

We only book up to 1 accelerator services a month, and those fill up 2-4 weeks in advance. The form on this page has our next available dates we are available (subject to change)!

I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to manage my store after it's set up?

Darling, you don't need to be the next tech mogul to manage your store! Our service is designed with lovely folks like you in mind. We offer personalized how-to videos and a training portal made just for your Shopify store. And if you ever feel like you're in a techy twist, our post-launch support is here to untangle things. So, no worries – we've got your back (and your front, and your sides)!

We offer industry leading training and support at the conclusion of your project: Including a pre-recorded video library of tutorials for your unique setup, a 1 hour live training call with us, and 15 days of post-handoff support for any questions.

Will I have support after the service is complete?

We offer industry leading training and support at the conclusion of your project: Including a pre-recorded video library of tutorials for your unique setup, a 1 hour live training call with us, and 15 days of post-handoff support for any questions.

What do I need to have to work with you?

A couple must haves: 1) Product and lifestyle photography - we can't design your website without it - period. We will help guide you through the process of getting those perfect shots and videos. Ask us about our Creative Direction mini-add-on befoer your project started. 2) A professionally designed brand with a complete brand guidelines document detailing your digital typography, color palette, asset direction. If you don't have a brand designed yet - no stress we OFTEN add our emerging brand accelerator on as well, which we can chat about on our Clarity Call.