Shopify Accelerator

From concept to launch in record time, with a store that goes the extra mile for your growing business.
Lea, the Shopify designer and developer founder of Arq sitting on a green chair holding her laptop smiles at the cameraLea, the Shopify designer and developer founder of Arq sitting on a green chair holding her laptop smiles at the camera

Shopify Store Accelerator

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks | Get In Touch for Availability

These projects move the needle for you in a real way without breaking the bank. From a full store setup to a fresh premium theme install with more conversion features. Our 1-week ultra slick process is designed to wow you with our design and development sprint specifically created for emerging Shopify entrepreneurs.

We recommended getting in touch with us at least 1 month in advance with your project details as client applications are reviewed individually to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

What's Included:

1 hour strategy and planning call
Analysis of Conversion Driving Features to select a converting template base
Semi-custom design, 10-12 pages developed
Testing, training and launch management
Store setup of products, collections, payment processing & domain

Your Week

In the blink of an eye, you go from concept to having anew money maker ready to go.
Week 0 - A 'wee bit of homework
We can't design or develop without some essential content - namely your brand assets and copywriting. Before our accelerator, you will have access to your project dashboard that holds your hand to easily hand off everything in your brain (and in the trenches of your hard drive) so we are experts in your biz and ready to make your on-brand store.

Hate putting pen to paper? Don't have a brand ready to go? We can connect you with talented folks who can get you suited up before your website debut.
Week 0 - Strategy & Planning
This strategy shop helps us all align on the outcomes of your store, and will help you visualize the output of your new shop. We will talk about your SiteMap, customer journey, and any important details so there's no surprises for our week.

Our strategy workshop will also be a touch base to check in on the status of your deliverables and give us the opportunity to guide the content to perform for you. We will leave you with a few string theme options to pick from before our week so we can dive straight into deployment.
Day 1-2
Pages, Collections, Products - oh my! We have to get the bones and foundation in working order before we start the fancy functionality. We will help get your biz details, payment gateway, and SKUs in order plus migrate any data and populate some pages so your customer have more to discover than just a home page.
Day 3-4
We're waving our magic wand (and getting finger cramps from key strokes) making your template come to life with your brand and content. We will be finessing all your pages into a conversion machine you're proud to put your name on. We like to document as we go. You'll be equipped with the tools for all your FAQs to manage your unique store after the week is over.
Day 5
Test, test and test again - we're making sure the path to purchase is clear and free of bugs. Cockroaches beware our nuclear code bombs! Once you have signed off on the site, we take you through a comprehensive 2 hour training session, recorded for you live, personalized to your setup. Then, we publish and you're ready to rake it in.


Launch Accelerator

Your new money-making machine, built in just 5 business days.

Integration of your branded elements, photos, logos, color and type with a premium theme

Shopify integration of collections with filtering, product set up of up to 10 SKUs*, semi-custom styling

11-12 fully designed pages (Home, Collection, Product, About, Simple Text, Blog, Blog Post, Account, Login, Cart, Checkout)

2 hour training, access to how-to a personalized video training portal

Extensive QA and 30 days post-launch support

2 payments of $2,750 USD
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VIP Day Top-Up

Already on Shopify? Finished your Accelerator week? VIP days are tailored for store-owners who want something a bit more a-la-carte turned around A.S.A.P. Examples:

SEO Optimization

App Integrations*

Klaviyo Email Marketing Starter Kit

Additional Pages , Sections, + more

From $1,800 USD/day
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Here are some common questions you might have.

How soon can we begin?

We reserve only 1 accelerator spot per month so our custom clients can get the 1:1 studio time they need, and we tend to book about 4-6 weeks in advance for an accelerator project.

However, our availability does vary throughout the year. Send in an application to get our most immediate availability.

I have a design already, I just need someone to code it. Can you do that?

We hate this answer, but it depends. Call it perfectionism but we prefer to implement work we can guarantee that we can achieve in the intensive, for this reason we cannot always accept designs from other providers. We ask all our clients go through a revamp with us on your website design, or inquire about a consulting workshop with us first so we can have the proper time to evaluate the feasibility of your mockups. We often find a lot of holes from less-experience design agencies in path-to-purchase and user experience problems we can help solution before you build.

If you are a professional designer and need whitelabeled development, reach out about our whitelabel services for your project or prospect. We love working with others in our industry. Our intensive and accelerator services are often perfect for whitelabeled projects or can get you 80% of the way.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

For the same reason you pay for gas before you pump. Our time is valuable, and we appreciate clients who are ready to invest with us and ensure they can secure their spot and treat our time with respect. We also do a lot of prep work and research prior to our intensive session so your money is going hard to work.

I have a website on [Insert platform]. Can you code on that platform?

At this time, we cannot offer intensive services for clients on Squarespace, Wix, or other platforms as we do not recommend these providers for product based eCommerce.

We have extensive design and development experience in Shopify. Typically, product based businesses operate best with Shopify. We do have experience with Shopify Plus stores as well so get in touch with us to discuss!

Ready to start the next chapter?