Andrew Karpiak Personal Real Estate

Rebrand for an established real estate agent in Kamloops, BC.

The Brief




Andrew Karpiak is an established Real Estate Agent in Kamloops who has has multiple listings over a million dollars in an exclusive neighbourhood. He wants to connect with existing customers and turn them into repeat business or referral business. He also recently acquired a handful of prestigious awards and is one of the top 10 realtors in Kamloops. It is time to up his game and look the part.


To have a luxurious personal brand that is a true reflection of the first class service that Andrew offers his clients.

Target Audience

Upscale client who wants a leisure lifestyle in a premium community. Plus older families moving away from the city to a tight-knit community residents who just want a buy a house. Could be first time home buyers or on their next move. Could be in a mix in the market but expect first class service for the biggest investment of their lives.



  • Brand Positioning
  • Re-Brand Strategy
  • Logo + Wordmark
  • Alternate "sub" marks
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Print Ephemera
  • Multiple Issues of a Printed Newsletter

Brand Characteristics

Andrew is renowned for listening to his clients to figure out what they really need. He is uniquely knowledgable about the market and understand product. He is resourceful, and has unique experience co-owning a commercial and residential construction company for 5 years gives him insight into customers who want to purchase a home or get ideas of potential costs for renovations. Warm, personable, and easy to communicate with. Brings a personal touch to the business of buying or selling a home.

In the competitive landscape, all of the competition all of Andrews competition is sticking to a very stark colour palette and sans-serif fonts that are feeling a bit dated.

Being upscale and clean doesn’t need to mean stripped back and plain.

Mood & Colour

Andrew needs to project his balance of being upscale and friendly/attainable to his 2 different markets. Being well put together but also effortlessly casual which is something that makes him so approachable. He is worldly and classic meets Kamloops cool - not in stuffy suits but smart in a jacket and business casual jeans. Striking the perfect balance.

Our recommendation was to move away from a prominent black and red colour palette. It is possible to move into a new colour palette that compliments the red/black/white of the Royal LePage logo and separate you from the competition. Sticking to a common Neutral, such as navy, that lends itself well to using black and red with it but use it very sparingly. Moving into a jewel tone in the Blue family will help achieve that delicate tone of being “upscale” as well as “attainable”

and friendly, which can be 2 competing tones. A touch of metal, such as copper, elevates the look into the luxury market but also appeals to mid-market customers who want to feel like they are getting a first class service for their most important investment decision.

Brand presentation of Andrew Karpiak logo and identity design refresh
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