Stonz Wear

After a dramatic increase in mobile users, and a deal with one of Canada's largest sporting goods retailers, Stonz realized that a new design could not be put off any longer.
Retail, E-Commerce
May 2017
Web Design, Web Development

Creating a new home for Stonz

With a strong design direction already in place for Stonz, coupled with a tight timeline for turnaround, we delivered the Interface Design for the store-front to establish a more contemporary look and feel in just under 3 weeks. With Stonz realizing they needed to get on board with a mobile friendly eStore, we started the home page with a mobile-first approach creating a flexible ad spot layout working with real-text that would remain readable and have the images legible on all devices. Keeping real products on the home page for browsing and shopping as well as simplifying their navigation structure.

Being a supplier of a clothing brand means that you need to stay on trend and change your promotions for seasonal material often. I gave the Stonz team multiple different options for their hero layouts that would maximize the potential for their marketing messages as well as the array of photography options at their disposal.

The old site was layered in obscure content around their award winning shoes. Customers had a hard time underestanding the sizing and sole features completely unique to Stonz. By stripping the content down to necessary descriptions, and creating hierarchy in the information I created clarity and kep the customer focusing on the browsing experience that comes with shopping. They are now more easily able to find a size chart, see videos and photos, and digest the details that make Stonz stand out.

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