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Go from idea to iconic launch ready. Our most popular combination of services for soon-to-be brand owners who need ev...


Go from idea to iconic launch ready. Our most popular combination of services for soon-to-be brand owners who need everything from the ground up to get launch ready.

  1. A memorable and unique visual identity that resonates with your best customers
  2. A 2-day fast as heck Shopify store template with unique design touches
  3. A high-converting and startup-friendly website to scale with your marketing
  4. Email automation to impress investors and prove high retention


Mini Brand Accelerator

  • Come with a name and we’ll include everything you need
  • Visual direction for your look and feel
  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Font Pairings for digital
  • Simplified Brand Standards Menual

Shopify Spruce Up

  1. A top-of-the-line theme with features you NEED to scale
  2. Your brand applied beyond what you can DIY to look professional
  3. Graphic touches to make it an engaging story and experience
  4. Special UX touches that don’t come out of the box
  5. The most streamlined setup of your backend possible
  6. Support to make sure your transition is tech-pain-free

Klaviyo Kick Start

  1. 3 done-for-you email sequences like Abandoned Cart, Welcome Sequence, and Write a Review/Rewards
  2. Done-for-you copywriting for up to 12 emails and subject lines
  3. 2 targeted email opt-in forms (e.g. popups) with interest collection
  4. Expertly crafted segments to hyper-target your list
  5. Templates you can rise and repeat for future campaigns and flows

Not Included

  • Brand strategy (+ $750 - our intake form and guide will help you uncover this)
  • Additional submarks (Can be added a-la-carte for $250 each)
  • Font licensing for desktop and web custom fonts
  • Copywriting messaging - our brand ecom guidebook can assist with this
  • Print ephemera
  • Full website mockups
  • Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions


For web design: To start the web designs, we’ll need high-resolution professional brand or product photography selected to begin. We can, if you choose, provide copywriting services for all of our website clients. Here's some truth for you: professional brand and product photography is an absolute game-changer for your brand and website.

It's not just a trend, it's become the industry standard. Your audience can instantly sense when you've skimped on your visuals, so if you're ready to take your brand to the next level, investing in top-notch photography is a no-brainer. Ask us how we can help you with your brand photography in preparation for your website.


Project communication will be completed via ClickUp to provide regular updates on the progress of the project. Outside of the meetings in-scope (i.e. discovery call, design review), an ad-hoc touch base to reconnect with our team will be determined upon request.

For these intensive projects, we need a 1 to 2-business day feedback and approval. If that won't work for you we may suggest a different package.

Formal written sign-off of the final designs will be required prior to proceeding with the development stage. Delays or withholding of approval will result in delays in your project and we may need to rebook to our next available slot (4-6+ weeks delay).


We need 2-business day turnaround on feedback and requirement asks from us, via email, our project management system or our instant message system.


We have a few intake forms for each of our services that we will need filled out prior to service.You will also need to provide us with product knowledge, brand assets, photography and more so we can action your creative.

A full list of your materials we need will be outlined in your project Scope of Work after signing.

How soon will the service be completed?

Our service runs approximately a week long - from Tuesday to Friday. We only book up to 3 email services a month, and those fill up 2-4 weeks in advance. You must book 10 days before the kickoff for us to onboard you, us send you forms, and have a suitable buffer for your ramp-up period. You can always email, or check our Instagram page, to see if starting within the 10 day period is possible (subject to our availability)!


Anything we build for you has a 15 to 30-day post launch guarantee on, if it breaks we will fix it! However, there are 2 caveats. Shopify being a SaaS provider is constantly iterating and improving their software for merchants on an ongoing basis. Any updates to the Shopify template language, API and more are not covered if changes were not documented or released at kickoff. Third party app integrations can’t be guaranteed as we have no control over their code base. Understand that Shopify does software version changes over time, so changes to the software requirements is not covered.


Here’s the deal: all Shopify storefronts are based off a template in some shape or form unless you do truly custom site – and if you’re not making over 6 figures per month or losing 5 figures a month because of UX issues, you don’t need a FULLY custom template. Templates are pre-built architecture but not the end result. Kind of like those crazy people on pinterest with wild IKEA hacks - we take the frame and create something totally new.

Shopify templates also come in varying degrees of flexibility, speed, well engineered sections, and documentation for upkeep. we only use templates we would recommend, trust and have used in the past and are often our springboard for the strategic design we create. If you wanted to just use a template you still won’t be much closer to that design, aesthetic and usable quality you’re after. All templates need some level of customization to achieve what you want without extra apps slowing you down. So in your investment package is a built-in custom development budget to make your store front really special and cater to your customers needs well. We’ll take care of the details for you, no sweat!


We work in strict revision cycles which you will see as we move through your project in our per-delivery presentation of how many rounds of revisions are left in the process plus a very guided and direct way to understand the goals of feedback in each phase. We use the one concept method approach which rarely has significant revisions based on our in-depth strategy and alignment before design. We believe your design is tailored to your goals, and we design for the “wow” factor. Our one-concept method funnels us into the strongest design based on our developed style, your needs, and a professionally informed opinion.


First of all, absolute kudos to you for taking on such a task to get your market fit and start making profit! The short answer, it depends. We work with clients who are in the 1+ year stage of their business. If you are still in the DIY phase of your brand, we might not be the best fit to work together. If you want to inquire on the baby steps needed to get to our signature website design packages, book a call with us and we can break it down into manageable chunks that push the needle in the right direction for you.

How many subscribers do I need to have to see ROI?

ROI happens at around 1,000 subscribers, or 500 subscribers over 2 months. However, we have completed this service for pre-launch brands as email is a foundational aspect of your marketing and retention tactics for a DTC brand. You are never too early to set up Klaviyo unless you are not in a place to pay for the monthly subscription.

Will I have support after the service is complete?

Yes - Klaviyo has a 10 day warranty period after setup: If you find anything wrong with your email funnels that we set up for you we will ammend the items. You will be able to chat with us on slack, and have a ticket submission portal as well for any issues you find.

After your support and warranty perdiod: We recommend you enagage with us ongoing to provide support. This includes platform upgrades, new flows, A/B testing, and weekly campaign sends. We will send you the pricing for that service after booking!

Do you guarantee results?

While design is a subjective art, implementing klaviyo is almost down to a science and we absolutely guarantee results. However, much of your email revenue depends on list quality, traffic sources, offer quality, and frequency. While every situation is different, we guarantee a significant and measurable increase in your owned revenue on Klvaiyo.

How often to I need to revisit my flows?

Hopefully only 1x a year!Although flows are designed to be a one-time service, we recommend sending out scheduled calendar emails (what we call campaigns) at least 1x a week to keep your list warm, generate good deliverability, and remain top-of-mind for your customers. If you want more support with ongoing email services, at. the culmination of this project we would be happy to chat about ongoing email services!