Build a story your customers buy into and embody, not just an online store.

Your brand deserves an online presence that accurately reflects its unique identity and values. We specialize in creating custom Shopify websites for wellness brands, ensuring that every aspect of your website is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. From initial consultation to final launch, we'll work closely with you to create a website that is both beautiful and functional, delivering an exceptional user experience for your customers. Whether you're looking to improve your online sales and conversions, showcase your brand's personality, or prepare for a venture capital investment, our expert team of designers and developers can help you achieve your goals.

Does this sound familiar?

Limited by old tech and lack of friendly DIYable customization

Are you tired of feeling restricted by Shopify's templates and themes? Do you want to create a unique website that stands out from the crowd? Our custom design services allow you to have complete control over your website's look and feel. We'll work with you to create a design that perfectly reflects your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. PLUS - you will be able to manage it with less development costs.

Low Conversion rates and inconsistent data

Are you struggling to convert website visitors into customers? Can't seem to figure out where the leaks are happening? Our team of experts will optimize your website's design and user experience to ensure that every visitor has a seamless shopping experience that drives them towards a purchase.

Limited functionality limiting your growth

Are you frustrated by the limited functionality of Shopify's built-in features? Our team can help you add custom features and functionality that will enhance your website's user experience and improve your overall business operations. From setting you up with the most ideal technical stack for overall features but also operational ease.


  • Ambitious brands looking to scale the business, and your current website can't keep up with your growth. A custom Shopify website can provide the extensibility and flexibility you need to handle increased traffic, volume and more sophisticated customer journey.
  • A website that is not converting as well as you'd like, and you're losing sales. A custom website can improve your user experience and optimize your sales funnel, resulting in higher conversion rates and more revenue.
  • Upgrading outdated design and tech. Your site is creating process bloat and serious technical debt. You know upgrading and improving the experience helps your business back-end management experience as much as your customer experience.
  • Preparing for a venture capital investment, and you need a website that showcases your brand's potential and aligns with your investors' expectations. A custom Shopify website can help you make a strong impression and position your brand for success.
  • Brand that went from relevant to aging and "old" looking faster than you thought.You need to reposition to reclaim your spot as a market leader.

Who You Are

You're don't identify as a "Brand Owner". You're a regular person who created a product out of necessity, and it's helped you create a wildly successful business. One that solved a very real pain-point in your life (literally or figuratively) and your indie brand was born out of love and a lot of elbow grease. Now your indie brand has grown to be a household name, and it needs an online home fit for its trajectory.

You may be struggling to differentiate your brand from the competition, having a hard time communicating your brand message, or simply seeking a more personalized experience for your customers. Whatever your challenges may be, our expert team is here to help.

Plus, you want a partner you can rely on not just for a "one-off" project, but to be a long term reliable partner for your business - one that cares about your customers just as much as you do.

We build stories, not stores.

We understand the challenges that come with building a successful online business. From creating a user-friendly interface to integrating social media and other marketing channels, there are many moving parts to consider. Our team of Shopify experts is here to help you every step of the way. We'll take the time to understand your brand's unique personality, values, and goals, and build a custom Shopify store that represents your brand in the best possible way.

  • Bare Biology

  • Pinsy

  • Arrae

How does it work?

Finess your customer journey with effective flows to be the unbothered CEO with revenue rolling in without breaking a sweat.

You've decided that you want to take your marketing up a notch, and email is the way to do it. Klaviyo helps you laser target your list with powerful segmentation tools, increase revenues with automated journey nurturing, and measure the success of every campaign so you can keep improving over time. Stop guessing at what works with your email marketing and let us help you with a deeply strategic setup in as little as 5 business days from start to finish.

Onboarding + Briefing

Timeline: 10 business days prior to kickoff

Overview: After paying your deposit, a service terms and conditions will be sent to you through your client portal for signature, followed by your official project calendar and intake forms.

Timeline image

Discovery + Analysis

Timeline: 10 business days prior to kickoff

Overview: In this phase of our process we prepare your account for success. Our audits and research help us evaluate your current performance and help us build a roadmap to success.

Timeline image

Strategy Brief

Timeline: Day of kickoff

Overview: During your pre-kickoff support period, we will also help you brainstorm a great opt-in or offer to collect email addresses with some customer data collection or SMS.

Timeline image

Flow Content

Timeline: Day 1 of 5

Overview: In your strategy workshop, we will outline the emails we’re going to send to your customers and pull out any bespoke touches and strategies against our insights to connect to your unique audience.

Timeline image

Copy + Creative

Timeline: Day 2 through 4 of 5

Overview: Using your unique brand voice and the content we outlined in our Workshop we will prepare your email copy. Once copy is approved we move into visual email mockups.

Timeline image

Deploy + Test

Timeline: Day 5 through 6 of 6

Overview: You'll get fully designed flows perfect for your business in as quickly as 2 business days from design sign-off to start generating revenue on autopilot.

Timeline image

Support + Warranty

Timeline: 10 days after handoff

Overview: We will provide access to our team via an instant messaging channel to ask any questions about your setup, report any bugs and ask technical questions so you feel completely autonomous in Klaviyo.

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Ready to get started?

Let us handle all the technical aspects while you focus on running your business.

Our Shopify expertise ensures a seamless integration with your existing e-commerce platform. We understand the importance of a smooth transition, and we'll work closely with you to ensure that the implementation process is hassle-free.

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What do I need to work with you?

For websites, it’s critical that you have a professionally designed brand, and a suite of brand photography (lifestyle and product shots) otherwise we will hit a roadblock pretty early on in the design process. Don't worry we can help you take care of your branding and photography needs as well. Our holistic approach to web design has been crafted to walk you through each phase making it easy for you, making it a seamless transition once our project begins.

How soon can we begin?

We would love to be able to start ASAP, however our availability varies throughout the year due to the scope of your specific project. We recommend reaching out to us at least 3-4 months in advance of your ideal launch date as we accept a limited number of clients per month.Fill out our client application formso we can assess if we’re a good fit for your brand!

What platforms do you develop websites on?

We have extensive design and development experience in Shopify - we don't claim to be experts in anything else.

Do you work with platforms other than Shopify?

No, this service is ONLY for Shopify entrepreneurs.

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