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Bloat Latte packaging design photo art direction for Shopify Wellness DTC Brand

Boxed in by template chains, this category breaking brand was ready to get snatched with an upgraded brand and web experience to give the girls (and CR) a serious lift.

Fashion, DTC, Shopify E-COMMERCE, Shopify PLUS

We helped Pinsy launch a seriously upgraded web experience JUST before Black Friday (unheard of BTW) - giving the girls a serious conversion lift of over 30%. Plus a 25% increase in average order value thanks to better merchandising of add-ons - bye bye nip slips and hello nipple covers 🙈.⁠⁠

Optimizing nomenclature with better search terms and categorization of this niche product, and introducing the ability to segment colorways - no apps needed - has been a game changer for this brand bending all the rules when it comes to wearing your undergarments in public.⁠⁠


  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Hybrid Custom Development
  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Multi-phase black friday launch
  • Content Strategy
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q1 2023 compared to previous YEar


Revenue up >208%% YOY and 14.35% PP
Arrae increased add to carts, reached checkout and sessions converted by thousands of a percent following redesign in 2020 on Shopify by Toronto Design and Development Agency Arq
Conversion up 13.58% YOY
Average Order Value up $6.00 YOY
Average Page Views up 21.64% YOY
Bloat Latte packaging design photo art direction for Shopify Wellness DTC Brand
Bloat Latte packaging design photo art direction for Shopify Wellness DTC Brand

What We Did

Reduced returns and customer service inquiries with more intuitive size chart guide and accessible product fit information

Reduced administrative time with easy to duplicate lookbook pages perfect for new product launch campaigns and seasonal refreshes.

Exposed better categorization with shopping methods by cut, shaping type, neckline and more in collections filtering.

Increased order value with smarter cross selling, making their nipple covers their best-sellers

Mobile Strategy

Experiencing intense drop-off rates from warmed-up social visitors - we decided to put more emphases on better way-finding throughout the site and highlight product benefits to our ideal consumers. From making lifestyle images shoppable, to creating better product identifiers - overall clickthrough rates to view products from key entry points kept customers in the purchase path longer and increased numbers of sessions with active carts.

Shopify Web Design

Helping women find their best fit was our main goal. From an upgraded Size Guide experience helping customers take accurate measurements and making the size chart discoverable on the product pages. Paired with easier to filter options to shop by cut, color, style and shaping intensity.

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