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DIY'ing Templates Only Gets You So Far

Template approaches often fail in fitting the unique needs of your brand, your content, and your ability to upkeep it. We only design custom tailored solutions but on the same principles templates were built with - to be managed and scaled with ease. We believe that every business owner should have a certain level of autonomy with maintaining their online business. If you can maintain your content without developer help, we have done our duty. With a collaborative approach in mind our goals is to make your online identity something you love and are proud to show off - and show it off you will!

Our Collaborative Process

Week 1

The Creative Brief

Before we begin, as always we need to make sure our vision and approach are a match for each other. We can schedule a virtual coffee date for you to ask me all the questions you need! I’ll be looking to draw out any details to put together a full creative brief from you to understand the ins-and-outs of your project - don’t worry I will guide you through this process. Everything you know about your business, we want to soak in and become experts in as well. You'll tell us about your biggest business pain points, what's working and what's not. Together, we'll pick the solutions that will work best going forward in your website plans beyond just the look at feel. We're here to consult on the best technical stack that fits your business operations and helps you keep that chunk of revenue in your pocket.

Week 2

Strategic Direction.

We believe in moving slowly at the beginning to be faster at the end. Upfront we will spend some time understanding your users experience, and customer journey. A deep dive of your competitive landscape, research and compiling a creative strategy approach will be our first focus. We're not interested in regurgitating a clone of what everyone else is doing. During this step we will also plan out your sitemap and create an architectural blueprint of your content. With a clear vision in mind for the outcome we’ll get things moving quickly. Last but not least, we will pick a CMS that suits your needs best so you can manage your site as easily as possible. We're proud to offer a number of different CMS software integrations such as Shopify, Squarespace or Webflow. We will consider the capabilities as well as the pros and cons of each to you for long and short term success.

Week 3–4

Creative Direction

Only once we've established your brand voice and strategic direction will we dig in to crafting the design. Here we are bringing the vision to life through colour, typography, images, graphics, and motion. We will create a flat prototype so you can touch, click, and see the site in a more realistic setting. Imagine this as the artists rendering of your home for the curb appeal. Just like constructing a house, it’s hard to imagine what it will be like to live in until the frames actually have walls and we’ve furnished the space! We’ll gut check the work and make sure it aligns to what you had envisioned. You will evaluate the site as it progresses for the flow of pages, and the effectiveness of the visual treatment against the project goals. A flat prototype will be delivered where we can talk about feedback in context directly on the artwork and get a sense of the site actually using your mouse or your thumbs.

Weeks 4-7

Technical Implementation

Yes, we take care of the development for you too! No sense having the project change hands with multiple agencies, we're taking care of you from concept to completion. Now we can finally make the design a real and living web accessible document. We’re going to make this as worry free as possible - with regular status check-in’s. So sit back, and relax while we take care of the more technical details for you. You will see the site as it progresses from style guide, to fully interactive and CMS editable pages. It’s also time for you to prepare to have your content close to being finished for us to stay on track with the launch schedule.

Weeks 8+

Quality Assurance & Launch

A testing plan will be created to make sure your the site works under a number of different devices and browsers. Using the personas we will write a few testing plans, cover the use cases and thoroughly test each and refine each one until it works. Taking a fine tooth come through the site to polish everything before launch to get the best performance, accessibility, and SEO score we can. This can often be the most tedious part of the process but it’s always worth it to take care of those little details. Once you've signed off, it's time for your final payment and then we launch!

What You're Getting

Your website has to be your best sales man 24/7 without feeling like it's a full time job to keep it up. We never just dump off a site you can't maintain. Content management systems are at the heart of our websites, and at the end of the process you will have a full arsenal of tools, knowledge to keep publishing posts, tweaking copy, and launching new pages without a developer lifting a single finger.

The Low-Down

We value radical transparency, so here's all the important details of a typical project:

4–6 weeks from the day of our kickoff. We make sure a work-back schedule in Asana is approved by you, you'll know exactly what's going on, all your deliverables will be sent to you in a secure Google Drive Folder, and we're always here to help you with your next project when you inevitably sky-rocket into success.

Custom work means no two projects are the same in complexity - we know your business needs may be unique so we always start with a consultation. This helps us understand the scope of your project and then we can compile a customized proposal so be sure to send us a project inquiry now.

We will get started with a small deposit to book your spot on our calendar.

Payment schedules are typically split up as twice monthly, over the course of your project lifespan, or in a 30/40/30 payment split.

Credit card, electronic transfer, and direct deposit are all accepted. All payments will be secure through Honeybook, our CRM provider.