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Branding Essentials

Book Now, Launch October 2020

Your Identity Doesn't Reflect Your Brand.

You have spent so much time getting your business off the ground. You have a solid product, you're profitable, you have a cult-following of customers. But your branding.... might be a little embarrassing, or hasn't evolved as quickly as your business has.

It's Time to Stop Your Logo from Being a Time Suck

Your brand needs to have a cohesive look and feel, which goes beyond a logo. But DIY'ing is a suck on your valuable time you know would be better spent on growing your business.

It's Time to Invest in your Brand for your Business

Arq uses a collaborative process to be your partner in this branding experience. We can help hone in on your vision and set you up with an identity built for long-term success. Based on strategic insight, and connection to your customers, we will help take you on a journey from brand chaos to a clear creative direction.

We build lasting brands, with a clear process which helps you to feel inspired again own a unique and beautiful brand you love.

How the Magic Happens

Week 1

The Creative Brief

To kick things off, we will schedule a virtual kickoff. We’ll be looking to draw out any details to put together a full creative brief from you to understand the ins-and-outs of your project - don’t worry we will guide you through this process. You'll tell us about your pain points, what's working and what's not! You're paying for ideas, not our computer skills, so giving us all the information we need will help us with our research. Our goal is to create real differentiation from your competitors and a true reflection of you.

Week 2

Creative & Strategic Direction

After doing a deep dive through research and compiling a creative strategy approach, we will research some examples to have a benchmark of success to bring the vision to life. We present a mood-board and aesthetic examples for you to approve before any design work happens. At all times, we are working to keep each other aligned to the same vision for the results you want.

Week 3–4

Identity Design Production

After your approval, we'll produce and then present the strongest concept in a manner to help you envision what the mark looks like actually applied to any ephemera. We call this the one-concept method - we don't half bake any idea and show you only "OK" work - the goal is to make you say 'WOW' and no less. After our gut-check round and gathering any feedback, we will do a few rounds of refinements needed to make a polished, drool-worthy identity you can't wait to roll out in the coming weeks. You’ll leave this phase with a comprehensive brand standards guide to keep your brand look cohesive and perfect on any application.

Week 5–6

Asset and Collateral Creation

We will assemble the necessary collateral you will need to get promote and advertise your launch. You'll get a crash-course in maintaining your brand for the years to come. Finally, we’ll set you up with the guidance and tools to make your digital media presence consistent with your beautiful identity and send you off to the races. This isn't the final chapter in your story, and we'll be here for you for any additional needs in the future.

What You're Getting

We care about your brand being a work-horse for your business, and it can't do that without a full suite of assets for all your customer touch-points. We know sending you logo files just isn't going to cut it - so our Essential Brand Identity package comes with all of this at no extra charge:

  • Brand strategy guide
  • Custom logo design
  • Colour palette
  • Brand useage guidelines
  • Typography guide
  • Social media collateral
  • Option A) Icon set
  • Website style guide
  • Option B) Custom pattern design
  • Art direction & photography styling
  • Marketing collateral guidelines
  • Brand launch kit

The Low-Down

We value radical transparency, so here's all the important details of a typical project:

A typical project takes 4–6 weeks from the day of our kickoff - but you'll have your final logo by week 4. We make sure a work-back schedule in Asana is approved by you, you'll know exactly what's going on and when. All your deliverables will be sent to you in a secure Google Drive Folder you will have access to forever, and we're always here to help you with your next project when you inevitably sky-rocket into success.

Your investment will start from $3,500 CAD - but your business may have unique needs that impact this estimate. We always price out each project with a customized proposal so be sure to send us a project inquiry.

We require a 30% deposit to secure your spot as we tend to book 2 months in advance.

Also, as a best practice, recommend you have a 20% contingency budget to cover any uncommon changes to the scope or requirements of your project - it doesn't happen often but it's a good cushion in case you just HAVE to have that extra brochure/display ad/whatever feels inspiring for you to continue to grow.

We use a 30/40/30 payment split.
A 30% deposit is required to start work. 40% is due upon finaidentity presentation. Finally, 30% is due to receive all produced collateral.

Payments are accepted with a secure payment system through Honeybook, our incredible CRM provider.