Service Package

Brand Essentials

A 6–8 week brand identity bootcamp that will have your business come our looking more svelt than a bigger-loser contestant trained by Jillian Michaels.

Your identity doesn't reflect your brand.

You have spent so much time getting your business off the ground. You have a solid product, you're profitable, you have a cult-following of customers. But your branding.... might be a little embarrassing, or hasn't evolved as quickly as your business has.

So it's time for a brand evolution.

Your brand needs to have a cohesive look and feel, which goes beyond a logo. But DIY'ing is a suck on your valuable time you know would be better spent on growing your business.

That's where we can help.

Arq uses a collaborative process to be your partner in this branding experience. We can help you hone in on your vision and set you up with an identity build for long-term success. Based on strategic insight, and connected to your customers, we will help take you on a journey from brand chaos to a clear creative direction.

How the Magic Happens



Week 1

The Brief

To kick things off, we will schedule a virtual coffee date. We’ll be looking to draw out any details to put together a full creative brief from you to understand the ins-and-outs of your project - don’t worry we will guide you through this process. You'll tell us about your business business pain points, what's working and what's not!



Week 2

Creative & Strategic Direction.

After doing a deep dive through research and compiling a creative strategy approach, we will dig in to crafting the design and bring the vision to life. We work on a creative brief and moodboard for you to approve before any design work happens.



Week 3–4

Identity Design Production.

After your approval, we'll produce and then present the strongest concept in a manner to give you the spine tingles. After our gut-check round and gathering you're feedback we will do the tweaks and revisions needed to make a polished drool-worthy identity you can't wait to roll out in the coming weeks. You’ll leave this week with a comprehensive brand standards guide to envision what your brand will look like applied in real life.



Week 5–6

Asset and Collateral Creation.

We will assemble the necessary collateral you will need to get started. You'll get a crash-course in maintaining your brand for the years to come. Finally, we’ll set you up with the guidance and tools to make your digital media presence consistent with your beautiful identity and send you off to the races. This isn't the final chapter in your story, and we'll be here for you for any additional needs in the future.

What You're Getting

  • Brand strategy guide
  • Custom logo design
  • Colour palette
  • Brand useage guidelines
  • Typography guide
  • Social media collateral
  • Icon set
  • Website style guide
  • Custom pattern design
  • Art direction & photography styling
  • Marketing collateral guidelines
  • Brand launch kit

The Low-Down

6–8 weeks from date of first payment. We make sure a work-back schedule in Asana is approved by you, you'll know exactly what's going on.

Your investment will start from $3,000 CAD for all the included deliverables. We also recommend a 20% contingency budget to cover any uncommon changes to the scope or requirements of your project.

We use a 30/40/30 payment split.
A 30% deposit is required to start work. 40% is due upon final identity presentation. Finally, 30% is due to receive all produced collateral.

Credit card, electronic transfer, and direct deposit are all accepted.
*Your 30% deposit is non-refundable.

Our Story Ends Here
& Yours is Just Beginning.

fill out our project inquiry if you're ready to see what untold adventure awaits.