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Mother Bloom

Mother Bloom mini brand accelerator cover - pregnant women in a white flowy dress holding her belly in a black and white photo

Supplements, DTC, Shopify E-COMMERCE

Marissa, a passionate naturopathic medicine student was looking for the partner to help her break ground on her holistic health brand for mothers and make it available for others to use in their homes. Leveraging a very unique brand look and feel to was needed to feel confident to transition from student to full-on brand owners.

Because of the unique simplicity of the brands we have designed, Marisa reached out wanting a brand of her own that was timeless, yet still standout from the rest! We made sure to lead with our streamlined mini brand accelerator to provide clarity for this new business owner to get on the right track for her upcoming brand launch.


  • Branding Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Mini Brand Accelerator
Home page full design details Hair Holistic custom shopify website design and branding
Logo design and typography stack details for this DTC Shopify brand
Brand messaging and application for this DTC beauty Shopify brand
Custom application examples for this clean and natural beauty brand on Shopify
Color palette and application of brand images for this shopify DTC brand
Color palette and application of brand images for this shopify DTC brand
Custom brand messaging and positioning for this Shopify beauty brand
Custom icon design for the wavy hair leaf for this beauty brand on Shopify
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